Homeowners Tree Reports

Reports are produced to the standard format agreed by the Arboricultural Mortgage and Insurance Users Group (AMIUG) and cover risks to the structural integrity of a property through vegetation related subsidence or tree failure. They provide the following information:-

  • a preliminary survey of soils
  • a survey of all trees and large shrubs growing within influencing distance
  • recommendations for any necessary work

Where necessary samples of clay soils are sent for analysis to determine their plasticity index and therefore their shrinkage potential.

Reports normally conclude that there is no arboricultural reason why a mortgage, or insurance cover, should be refused, provided any essential work proposed work is carried out. Where needed, suitable tree surgeons are recommended and guidance on planting is provided.

Unlike most companies offering Homeowners Tree Reports, SJ Stephens Associates do not carry out tree surgery work, so do not have any incentive to specify non-essential work.