Arboricultural Implications Assessment

Where significant tree removal is essential, the implications for the local landscape need to be assessed and a report submitted to the Local Planning Authority.

This will need to break down the extent of tree removals, analysing the % of different age groups, and categories within a site to be removed. The broader landscape will also need to be considered, usually supported by photographic evidence demonstrating the effect tree felling will have.

An Arboricultural Implications Assessment is often undertaken where the feasibility of different development options are being assessed.

Shading can be a critical factor in evaluating whether a tree will be sustainable within a new development. In some cases, a full BRE Daylight Study may be required. This applies the guidelines set out in BRE Digest 209 to establish that acceptable levels of daylight can be achieved. A recent example of a BRE Daylight Study can be found online.