Tree Constraints Plan

This will include a full tree survey including:

  • Tree dimensions, including crown spread by compass point.
  • Age Class, Physiological condition and Life expectancy
  • Comments on condition and landscape value
  • Management recommendations
  • Retention classification as per BS 5837:2005
  • Root Protection Areas

Survey details are added digitally to the topographical survey, as are shading patterns for key trees. Potential development areas for different purposes are highlighted on the plan.

The accompanying report will discuss any possible options for extending the developable area and solutions for possible areas of conflict.

Information is supplied in digital, as well as hard copy.
In some situations it is advisable to agree a Tree Constraints Plan with the planners, prior to developing a detailed Planning Application. This will avoid delays and unnecessary cost. In other cases, the Tree Constraints Plan is best kept as an internal document to guide the professional team.